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Summer League

Castle Light / Vrystaat Muurbal SomerLiga Reels 2018/19

1. Matches are played on Thursday evenings and commence promptly at 17:30
2. Three games are played with a point-per-rally scoring. Games are played to 15 i.e. rst player who reaches 15 wins. The winner of the match is the player
    with most points accumulated in the three games played.
3. Teams will be ranked on total points accumulated and on relative position to the pool winners.
4. Only o cial approved balls may the used. (Nr’s 1 to 5 – Green Dot) and (Nr’s 6 to 8 – Double Yellow Dot).
5. No match should commence without a marker and referee – one from each team
6. A player’s position is determined by the players’ list, which is compiled by the committee according to the players’ relative strength. Only results of the
    past two years are considered i.e. Summer League 2016/17, 2017/18 and Winter League 2017 as well as Winter League 2018 up to 30 June 2018.
7. Players not on the position list or players approved at the captain’s meeting to play in a lower position will have a maximum winning margin of 10 points,
    i.e. if the said player wins, the opponent will receive the maximum of 35 or his/her actual score.
8. A player, who plays out of position, will earn no points for the match.
9. The team whose player does not show up for the match will earn no points for the match.
10. In extraordinary circumstances, a player from a lower position, who has already played, may substitute the player, who could not play.
11. A player, whose team has a bye, may be used as a reserve player.
12. Teams consist of eight (8) players.
13. Entry fees are R1800 per team.
14. Entry fees are payable before 31 August 2018 in the following account: Free State Squash Association, ABSA Bank – Branch code 632005, Account
       number: 470 141 549, Use Team Name as reference.
15. No alcoholic beverages may be consumed on school premises, including the University of the Free State. Where the club has bar facilities, players are
      not allowed to bring their own alcoholic beverages. These clubs include Bobbbiespark, Old Greys, Oud Studente and Ramblers.
16. Only players who are present and whose scorecard has been loaded on the SportyHQ webpage by 20:45 will be considered for prizes.
17. Only scores loaded on will be used to determine league positions.
18. Results will be available on